He approaches photography to express an exploration and appreciation supported by technique and fueled by his fearless ambition. He has defined his vision through his lens of “Curated Reality,” where images of private and encapsulated moments are captured and projected with a distinctly cinematic narrative.

Through his background in public communication, he set a precedent for his photography to convey a message, intent, and purpose. Experience as a creative team member at Tribe Pictures, a leading corporate and institutional film firm in New York City, began his journey and experience with Fortune 500 brands and the humanization of these entities through the power of photography.  

Barcelona was the place where he strengthened his skills and visual identity, composing portraits of aspiring models and musicians. Back in New York, he continued to define his style and passion as a creator, collaborating with brands and artists on commercial and creative projects. He has traveled with national teams to various world championships, historic races, and remote villages in Cuba and Colombia, revealing visual stories with skills borrowed from his past and fueled by his experiences of the sport, inspired by his father’s professional career.

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